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During my clutch, timing chain for my buddy's brother, I first noticed the transmission didn't drain 2.0qts; also noticed "goo" (mixture of dirt, clutch dust, and oil) on bell housing; trans took a leak on the floor where I had left it for a while.


DIY Find a Vacuum Leak

Alright so credit to momovr6, local genius!

So if you have read around you will know that a boost leak = vacuum leak. Well, the idea behind this test is to create enough pressure until you hear/find a leak.

Here is what I used:
Valve Stem from tire
2" Qwik Cap (Lowe's and Home Depot carry these in the plumbing dept.)
ABA MAF (I kept this old dead one)
Drill (forgot what size)
Tire Pressure attachment
Spray bottle with soap and water

Here is what to do:
1. Acquire at least the Qwik Cap or whatever it's called
2. Acquire 1 valve stem with a good shrader valve
3. Drill a hole the same size as the tip (where the cap goes) in the center of the Qwik Cap
4. Pull the valve stem through
5. Attach the 2" Qwik Cap with valve stem to the side of the MAF with the "grid" on it
6. Remove the boot/clamp from the MAF that is installed in the car
7. Attach your "pressure tester" here and tighten the clamp/boot onto the MAF
8. Using your tire pressure attachment, send compressed air into the engine. (I blocked the TB open by using a long screw driver and putting one end on the TB and the other on the exhaust manifold.)
9. Listen for leaks. If you suspect a leak, spray the soap and water around the area and look for bubbles.

I found a leak at the TB where the intake boot clamps onto the TB. Tightened the clamp, no leaks! I started to hear the oil cap leak a little too.

*Note, don't pressurized the system too much. You will pressurize the crank case. It won't take much to find a leak. I know my OPG is already leaking so I didn't care.

Credit to at_the_speed_of_2.l0w for finding this chart which explais which Engine Oils Which Meet Audi Oil Quality Standards VW 502 00 and VW 505 01

Engine Oils Which Meet Audi Oil Quality Standards VW 502 00 and VW 505 01

Here is a link to the PDF for VW/Audi's list of oils that meet their standards. This information is good as of 7-25-06.

Here is a link to the PDF that states 5w40 is approved for VW/Audi's standards. However this information is out dated at 6-24-04.

Here is the link to the thread that starts the debate whether 5w30 and 5w40 are VW approved. It seems the answer is yes to both, but if you want to keep your warranty, run the Valvoline Synpower 5w30.

Lastly here is my point:

So we have conflicting information!

Quote, originally posted by »

States that 5w40 meets VW 502 standards however the date on this information is 6-24-04!

Quote, originally posted by »

States that 5w30 meets VW 502 standards however the date on this information is 7-25-06!

Long story short, you will probably be just fine running either one but if you are worried about your warranty, if applicable then run 5w30.

Credit to: Beowulf from the VWVortex for providing these images!

Ever need to find out what fuse or relay you are looking at is for which circuit? Well these images below will assist you in finding out what goes where and what they do.
This applies to the 1993-1999 Golf, GTI, Jetta (Mk3, MkIII, A3) and the Cabrio through 2001?

Relay location on fuse/relay panel

1 A/C Relay (13)*
2 Rear Window Wiper/Washer Relay (30) *
3 ECM (Engine Control Module) Power Supply Relay (109)*
4 Load Reduction Relay (18)*
5 Open
6 Emergency Flasher Relay (21)*
7 Headlight Washer System Relay (33) *
8 Washer/Wiper Intermittent Relay (19,99) *
9 Seat Belt Warning Control Module (27, 4) *
10 Fog Light Relay (53)*
11 Dual Horn Relay (53)*
12 FP (Fuel Pump) Relay (67)*

Separate relays above fuse/relay panel

13 ABS Hydraulic Pump Relay (78)*
14 ABS Relay (79) *
15 Open
16 Open
17 Open
18 Power Seat Fuse
19 ABS Hydraulic Pump Fuse
20 ABS Valves Fuse
21 Open
22 Power Window Circuit Breaker
23 Fuse, S51
24 Open
* Numbers in parentheses indicate production control number stamped on relay housing.

Fuse arrangement according to the numbers on fuse panel from left to right:

Amp. Current track
1 Headlight Left, Terminal 56A 10 199
2 Headlight Right, Terminal 56A 10 204
3 Instrument Panel Light Dimmer Switch 10 247
4 Rear Window Wiper Motor 15 280
5 Windshield Wiper Motor 15 284
6 Fresh Air Blower Switch 20 23
7 Brake/Tail Lights, Right 10 235
8 Brake/Tail Lights, Left 10 228
9 Rear Window Defogger Switch 20 270
10 Open
11 Headlight Left, Terminal 56B 10 199
12 Headlight Right, Terminal 56B 10 204
13 Horn 15 33
14 Back-up Light Switch, Washer Nozzle Heater 10 262
15 Crankcase Ventilation Heating Element 10 97
16 Voltmeter, Engine Oil Pressure Gauge 15 173
17 Emergency Flashers Switch 10 215
18 HO2 S (Heated Oxygen Sensor) Control 20 53
19 Coolant FC (Fan Control) Thermoswitch 30 31
20 Brake Light Switch 10 233
21 Cigarette Lighter 15 170
22 Radio 10 296

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