About Erik
I own a shop now in Redmond, WA. If you need any work on your VW go to IPMAutoService.com or give me a call at (425) 883-6311
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About Erik

My name is Erik. I am a Volkswagen enthusiast to the extreme. At one point I had 5 VWs, a 1988 VW Fox, 1979 VW Rabbit, 1997 VW Jetta GT, 2004 VW GTI VR6, and a 2006 VW Jetta TDI.

I was first introduced to Volkswagens when my Dad had a 1979 Rabbit. It was red with a black interior. I remember riding in it in Bellevue in the front seat a long time ago. When he was living in Kent he decided to sell his Rabbit. He parked it on a street somewhere near his apartment and somehow a teenager hit my Dad's parked car. The car was a total loss. He then went out and bought a red VW Fox. Which was painted blue at some time. Then my parents spilt and Mom got the blue Fox. Dad went out and bought a metallic gray VW Fox that had the license plate "FLYAP51" and later was changed to "FLYA777." Both of those cars were driven into the ground.

I got my 97 Jetta in April of 2003. I met Meagan in February of 2004 and drove her car. I didn't even know her name at the time. I also didn't realized that it was a 6 speed until we were on I-5. I then acquired a 79 Rabbit in May of 2005 for free, big mistake. I got rid of that car in June of 2006. Sometime in early 2006 in a goofy deal I got Luke's 88 VW Fox. Which is now "rusting" away.

Ever since I got my Jetta I have wanted to tinker and tinker and tinker with the car. I have been very much on top of the maintaince and any other issues that have come up. Heather has never left me stranded because of failure on it's own. I have always induced the failure on my own and fixed it.

With that tinkering I could only teach myself so much. A few years ago I applied to Shoreline Community College's T-TEN program to learn how to work on cars. I received a call in December of 2005 from Jack Shiel saying that there was an opening in the program and that I need to contact various dealers to see if they could sponser me in the program. I called Lexus of Bellevue, Toyota of Kirkland, and a few others. The last one that I contacted was Michael's Toyota. I asked for Rick but he was busy at the new shop (which is now open). A week later I told my Mom about the previous weeks events. She said try calling again. So I called and got ahold of Rick Kupfer. He said that he had an opening. So 1 hour later I was in his office for an interview and I was in the program!

So since January of 2006 I have been attending class. The neat thing about the program is that you go to school (SCC) for one quarter then you go to the dealership for a quarter. This alternating program continue's until completion. So far I am 8 months into this 19 month program. I am to graduate in August of 2007. I will have at least 2 ASE's. I will be a Toyota Certified Technician with a degree (A.A.A.S.).

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