1988 Volkswagen Fox
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For Sale: one(1) 1988 Volkswagen Fox with 128xxx. Car has a 1.8 8v with CIS-E injection. It also has 4 speed manual. This is the 2 door coupe, not 4 door or wagon. This is the champagne color.

Car starts right up
New(er) alternator 60amp
Good Battery, can throw an extra one in for free
Newer Starter
Blows heat (AC not present, ever)
New fuel pump relay
K&N Panel Air Filter
Brazilian smoked tail lights
Debadged trunk lid
All trim except glove box present
Body is in relatively good shape
Small scratches and dents, nothing major

Car does NOT have horns
Car burns oil on startup
The oil pan gasket is leaking
The passenger side drive axle clamp is missing and therefore leaking
Carpet and sound deadening removed
Does NOT have current tabs and has not gone through emissions yet (for $50, I will take care of that)

Price: $300

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