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About Getti

Getti was added to our four car Volkswagen family of cars on May 9th, 2006. She is a 2006 VW Jetta TDI. The Jetta is a Package 1 or P1 car. The car also came with Siruis XM Satellite Radio, free for 3 months. I think I like it and so does Meagan on those road trips.

So far our best recorded gas mileage is 42mpg. Meagan went down to Oregon and came back on May 13th, then I did city driving for the remainder of the tank. Seems like on the highway the car is getting around 50mpg but we're averaging less because of city driving.

For mods...the only modification is Monster Jetta rubber mats installed on the car.

I have noticed two defects so far. The first one, was on the night of purchase. After bringing it home I opened the driver's side door and a bolt fell out. I didn't know where it came from but I kept it. A couple days later I took it to work and Anton and Alex saw the door was vibrating upon shutting it. Then they noticed the missing bolt and I said ah ha! We put it in and tightened it up. The driver's rear door was experiencing the same thing. Second defect is that the two cigarrete lighters in the center console and dash don't work. I have scheduled an appointment with Chaplin's to have it fixed under my 100,000 mile warranty. I have seen on the VWVortex the rear cigarette lighter may have a short and it is preventing the other two from working. It ended up being a fuse.

Update 5-29-06: DRL removed, windows roll up and down with remote, seat belt tone disabled, steering is a little harder.

Update 8-11-06: Added TPMS ability. Now just have to get the wiring and switch. See here for more info on retrofitting TPMS on a Mk5 Jetta/GTI

Update 9-14-06: Armrest, Cigarette Lighter, and radio volume fixed under warranty

Comments on TDI

RynoA3 (11:01 PM 5-31-2006): Hi Erik just wanted to say congrats on your TDI. I also want to share a quick TDI story with you. My wife and I have an 02 TDI, we topped it off in Tacoma basically were you picked up the suspension an drove the coast down to newport Oregon and all the way back to Tacoma on one tank of fuel. The whole trip was 670 miles. We averaged 45 mpg. Anyways sorry for running on. I just cant say enough good things about TDI's. I will always own at least one.

see also http://forums.vwvortex.com/zeropost?cmd=tshow&id=2635248

Friend (10-24-2006): "...that is a beautiful car!"


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