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I own a shop now in Redmond, WA. If you need any work on your VW go to IPMAutoService.com or give me a call at (425) 883-6311
Our Location: 16325 Cleveland St. Redmond, WA 98052

About Heather

Heather was added to our four car Volkswagen family of cars on April, 26  2003. She is a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta GT. The Jetta GT looks like a GLX, however it doesn't have 15" wheels, 11.3" Brakes, Plus Suspension, Leather, Electric Windows (wouldn't want those anyway cause they are infamous for breaking), dual outlet exhaust, MFA on the instrument cluster, Bose audio, and I think that's all.

My Jetta does have 15" wheels, 11.3" Brakes, Plus Suspension, Leather, and dual outlet exhaust. The only aftermarket item on the car when I got it was a Kenwood deck that matches the alien green intrument cluster. I purchsed the car with 34xxx from Michael's Toyota in Bellevue from Peter Pau (where I know work).

So far our best recorded gas mileage is 35mpg. That was on a trip to Oregon going 70-75mph. I have seen 400 miles on a tank of gas twice. Worst ever gas mileage was city only driving. I got 23mpg.

2.0 8v ABA OBD2 Crossflow with 85k
Low Temperature Fan Switch
Low Temperature Thermostat
TT Chip Code 259
New Waterpump, New Timing Belt, New accessory belts @ 60k
K&N Air Filter
Magnecore 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires
MSD Blaster2 Ignition Coil
TT Dual Valve Springs
TT Seats
TT Valve spring retainers
TT 268 camshaft
Autotech adjustable cam gear
Lightweight, not underdrive, crankshaft and alternator pulleys

DIY Shortened Shifter Rod
TT Short Shift
TDI Transmission Mount
Spec Stage 1 Clutch kit
Lightened flywheel
DFQ Transmission
Manual Adjust Clutch cable

6 speaker setup
Kenwood Deck - matches green interior lights well
Relocated Radio to Cup Holders
Single DIN Block off Plate
DIY Retrofit Heated Seat (switch and harnesses)
Cabrio 3 spoke steering wheel
GLX VR6 Leather Interior w/Heated Seats
Reiger Shift Illuminated Knob
Trunk Net Added
VW Carpeted Floor Mats

Magnaflow - fitment sucked but sounds great
Mk4 AEG manifold

Optima Red Top Battery 34R
Grounding Kit with 4 gauge wire
Head lights relayed
Two extra plugs for Hella Air Horns
Headlight wiring harness modified for turn signals and side markers to blink together (all connections soldered)
Keyless remote entry added from a 98+ VW
Trunk release wired in to work with remote
Have 2 remotes
Cruise Control works (when it wants to)

European Vento Smoked Headlights - Also relayed
European Headlight switch
European Turn Signals
Front fogs with PIAA Yellow H3 Bulbs
Rear fogs - both inner trunk lid lights illuminate
Smoked Side Markers with orange bulbs
DIY Side Marker and Blinker Mod
Tinted Windows
New Toyota Celica-Supra Hood Struts

GLX VR6 5 Lug Swap
Koni Coil Overs - Height/Dampening Adjustable
Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Front Only
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid DOT4
De-ambered tail lights with orange 1157 bulbs
Clip on side moldings
Fender Flares - non-OEM
De-badged Trunk Lid
Audi TT Control Arm bushings

Currently I have the following small issues:
Front grill has broken tabs - Have a badgless later style grill - unpainted
Splash Guards missing under horns on both sides - have those
Front Bumper should be-but doesn't need to be-replace along with rebar
Side skirts are starting to fall off
Small dents in hood and roof - was quoted $65 to fix
Some small, light scratches but nothing deep
E-Brake Leather Handle need to be replaced
Plastic light distribution piece behind HVAC controls
The RH fog light needs to be aim higher
The Ecodes could be secured better
Driver's side door panel - carpet missing/pocket sorta seperating
The plastic base around the antenna is cracked
There is a small bit of rust on the RF door on the a-pillar
The trim around both front seats are broken
Trim to the left of the head light swtich needs to be installed




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